Slow Turnaround (Processing) of Bank Loans

Slow Turnaround (Processing) of Bank Loans

When a short term business loan is done right, it can be an extremely effective method of finance. There are many different types of business loans, and not all business lenders are the same. Some lenders will provide funding approval within days of your application, others can take months to provide funding. Here is how you can speed up the processing of your bank loan.

Speak with a Business Loan Finance Professional

This is the absolute best, and first method, you should be undertaking when wanting to apply for a short term business loan. An experienced business loan professional can help you clearly identify your eligibility as well as they type of loan best suited to your business needs. Based off of this information, they can then recommend the best option for your loan.

Apply for the Business Loan

Most finance professionals will take all of the confusion out of applying for your business loan, making the process as streamlined as possible. Most lenders will assist you with every stage of the process, including helping with your application and verification documentation. Lenders typically request personal financial statements as well as business financial statements when processing a loan request.


Even with all of the correct documentation being submitted appropriately, which will significantly reduce the timeframe of your business loan process, there is still going to be a waiting period. Lenders will need to verify the authenticity of your documentation and review your credit history (both personal and business). They will still be able to keep you appraised throughout this process on how your loan is progressing.

Receive Approval

Once the assessment has been reviewed and the loan approved, there will be a series of documentation to sign. Your business loan lender will assist you through this stage of the process as well, in order to speed up the timeframe in which you receive the funding.
If your business is based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia and you are needing fast finance for business purposes, give us a call at Quick Business Finance. Talk to us about your situation and what it is you need and we’ll let you know if we can help with our short term business loans. Our approach is honest and ethical and we’ll only offer finance in cases where we can genuinely help your business achieve the outcome you’re after.